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          Established 1985


  • The motorhome is level and stable in under 3 minutes
  • Fully automatic levelling
  • No need to fuss with jacks, ramps or blocks of wood
  • Safety feature prevents driving off
  • A compact hydraulic levelling system
  • Maintenance-free
  • Jacks are also retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in soggy or frozen ground
  • The most reliable motorhome leveller on the market
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent UK wide fitting centres


Amplo Hydraulic Fully Automatic Levelling Systems can be distributed and/or fitted by Towtal in Stoke on Trent. Call or Email the team for information and costings.

Technical Spec

The standard kit is composed of:

  • 4 telescopic jacks
  • 1 mini hydraulic power unit with emergency manual pump
  • 1 electronic control unit with manual controls
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 black box for system control
  • 1 electrical wiring kit
  • 1 hydraulic connection kit with pipes and fittings
  • 1 drum of oil (5ltr) with viscosity index for temperatures -20 ° C + 80 ° C

Are Hydraulic Levellers Safe?

Of Course! There is an inbuilt safety feature which means it will only work if the ignition is off. When you are ready to drive off again, one push on the button is enough to retract all of the hydraulic motorhome jacks in less than a minute. If you forget to retract the levelling jacks and drive off, then an alarm is sounded on ignition.
When needed, the Amplo system can also be put into manual mode enabling you to lower the hydraulic jacks manually. Benefits include: lifting one side of the motorhome when changing a tyre and also lifting all four wheels off the ground during winter storage.

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